N i c o l e l a r k i n



Nicole Larkin is a Sydney based architect and designer focusing on digital fabrication techniques and craftsmanship. Her work explores the blurred boundaries between art, architecture, sculpture and traditional craftsmanship. She holds a Bachelor of Design in Architecture and Masters of Architecture from the University of Sydney, NSW. Nicole pursues parallel career paths in both art and architecture. Since 2011 she has worked with the award winning firm Tzannes across varied project types.

Nicole has exhibited award winning installation pieces at Sculpture by the Sea, the southern hemisphere’s largest outdoor sculpture exhibition. Her body of work focuses on classic and contemporary ways to view art and exploring ideas on the authentic and the reproduction.

More recently Nicole’s work has focused on ocean pools in NSW. Ocean pools are an iconic and much loved part of our coastline. Through the Wild Edge project Nicole has documented these structures, equipping the community with tools and knowledge to advocate for their conservation and revival.